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Real turkish coffee




turkish coffee

In Turkish today you will seldom meet coffee in the menu of cafes and restaurants. Why? And you recall how many forces and time you spend for making favourite fragrant drink in the Turk? And now increase it by the potential number of fans of coffee orientally … It is too much time and expenses. But desire to have the real coffee in Turkish doesn’t disappear.






in 45 seconds

Creators of the machine and coffee long worked on harmony which is felt in each cup. Coffee has no analogs in a pattern. The special vehicle creates the real drink in Turkish, with unique and unique taste, fortress and aftertaste.

She will become your best friend in kitchen, in cafe or office. Works in two modes:

  • The express – 45 seconds – and the cup is warm at you in hands.
  • The long – 4 minutes – the special mode for especially delicate taste.

It is possible to prepare directly on 2 cups.
Color: white, black.

Мир вкусов и купажей

World of tastes

and blends






Black coffee

Classical saturated taste is reached thanks to:

  • to superhigh milling;
  • mild roast;
  • to distinguished combination of Asian robusta and Brazilian arabica coffee.

Tartness, chocolate taste and union of flavor reveals already from the first drink.

Coffee “lives” in such weight:

  • 1 kg (for those to whom coffee doesn’t happen much);
  • 500 g (for judges of taste);

250 g (“on test”).



Green coffee

Green coffee. The Sensational composition of coffee and ginger which received glory of drink for weight loss. It is a case when pleasant with the useful it is combined it is very harmonic. Coffee contains natural nutritional supplements. Weight reduction happens for the score:

  • Appetite monitoring;
  • Activations of thermoprocesses;
  • Increases in combustion of fat.